Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ice isn't for driving on

It's bad enough to skate on ice. I know firsthand how easy it is for one's feet to fly out from beneath one's butt, thus allowing one's butt to make violent contact with the ice, which, by the way, is harder than rock. But to drive an 18-wheeler across a few scant inches of ice just so we can have oil and diamonds? No. Just no. Maybe, like Mama putting the good cookies on top of the refrigerator, God put that stuff up there so we couldn't get to it.


  1. Those Ice Road Truckers have a few screws loose!

  2. "Like Mama putting the good cookies on top of the refrigerator" -- dang! You made my brain think with that phrase! I likey.

    Also, I just started watching that show day before yesterday. I could get addicted if I didn't have to cancel all the cable channels!

  3. This kind of thing makes me crazy. I hate seeing people put themselves in harm's way, even if I don't know them and they seem slightly unbalanced. :)